October 7 Solidarity Tour

October 7 was a wakeup call… But there is something you can do!

While most people who had planned to visit Israel in the last quarter of 2023 have understandably postponed their tours due to the current war, we have noticed that many people feel a kind of frustration in the unfolding events that they are not doing enough to show their sympathy and their support for Israel in its darkest hours in decades. They feel compelled to donate to a charity or to speak up about their support for Israel whether it be one on one, in community organized events or on social media. Many people have asked us straight out – “How can we help”? Our best response may be surprising, but we say “VISIT ISRAEL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”.

Nothing puts Israel into a clearer context than seeing it with your own eyes, experiencing it in person. And now I am going to say something perhaps even more surprising – by “as soon as possible” I mean NOW. While the war is still going on! Nothing puts the current conflict into better context than experiencing it in person. And so we at Touring Israel have put together a very special Solidarity Itinerary. The itinerary includes some touring of the main essential tourist sites including the The Old City of Jerusalem, the Western Wall as well as Masada and Tzfat, but also a variety of activities that are directly related to the current war including:

– Volunteer a few hours to help businesses reeling as a result of the war

– Speak with security professionals for an expert explanation of the background to the war and its objectives

– Meet with citizens displaced from their homes

– Visit with soldiers injured in the war

– Meet families of hostages

A visit to Israel now is like chicken soup for the soul both for you and all the Israelis whose hearts you will touch. And we guarantee you will return home better informed and better equipped to deal with misinformation and with some ideas to share with your friends and community to support Israel from back home.

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