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Touring Israel was the brainchild of Joe Yudin back in 1997. Joe, a native born American had grown up in the retail business, served in the Israel Defense Forces as a Sergeant Major in the paratroop Corps, and began his career as a Sales and Marketing specialist before delving into the world of tourism. Joe simply wanted to share the Land of Israel with as many people as possible while exploring it himself. He thought that there was no better way than becoming a tour guide. His love of the land led him to become intimate with it and its people, and Joe has made it his mission to provide a service to the tourist that, in his opinion, had not yet existed in Israel. Joe believed then and believes now that the customer always comes first, even in the tourism business here in the Middle East. Unlike most tour operators in Israel, Joe believes that a smooth, hassle-free tour from start to finish with cerebral, charismatic and engaging guide is the key to your Israel experience and that is what Touring Israel provides. You are the boss. You decide, with our input, what is best for you and we get it done as you want it. Yes we are a business that needs to earn a profit, but that is not our ultimate goal. Our ultimate goal is to show you what we believe is the most special place in the world and we want you to take that feeling home with you, knowing that yes, I just experienced the most amazing place in the world and I can’t wait to go back! Ask our customers. They will tell you just that.

Joe Yudin

After graduating from Boston University with a B.A. degree in History, Joseph Yudin set off for Europe in search of his roots. His journey took a detour and eventually he ended up in Israel during 1990 as the first Gulf War was about to break out. Joseph enrolled for one year at the WUJS program in Arad studying Hebrew and Israel studies as a prelude to aliya. In October 1992, Joseph was drafted into the IDF and volunteered for the Paratroopers, serving on the front lines in Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank. In the IDF Reserves, Joe has served during Operation Defensive Shield in 2002 and in the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006. After his regular army service, Joseph worked for the United Jewish Communities raising money and awareness for Israel as well as recruiting American teens and parents to journey to the Land of Israel to experience their homeland for NFTY In Israel. Joe soon concluded his studies at the University of Haifa, studying under Avner Goren and other leading professors in the fields of History, Archaeology, Botany, Judaism, Christianity, Geology, Islam and other relevant subjects. Joseph settled down on a small moshav in the Jezreel Valley becoming a tour guide in 1999. Joe is CEO & Lead Tour Guide at Touring Israel Ltd. He is married with three children. Joe holds a BA in History from Boston University, an MA in the Land of Israel Studies from the University of Haifa and is currently studying toward a PhD. Joe has also in the past been a columnist for the Jerusalem Post online and a Condé Nast Traveler Magazine Top Travel Specialist for Israel since 2011.

There’s nothing that makes us happier than thrilled clients. Every Touring Israel tour is made up of completely customized itineraries, tailor made to the client’s personality, budget and timeframe. Our clients constantly tell us their tours to Israel with us go above and beyond fulfilling their dream trips to Israel.

Why We’re Different

Touring Israel isn’t like other Israel tour operators. We do what’s best for you and here’s how….

Touring Israel allows you to book individual services – so if all you need is a few days touring, that’s all you need to book. We craft completely customized itineraries, tailor made to your personality, budget and timeframe. Touring Israel offers transparent pricing for every component so you can see what you’re paying for and if necessary, remove or add services. We put a major focus on the meals you eat, because we’re huge foodies. With TI you can rest assured you’ll be in-the-know about the best restaurants according to your individual preference every time you visit. We allow you to pay for lunches as you go so that you can have whatever you feel like! We also allow you to pay as you go for tickets so that if you change your mind about what you want to see, you haven’t wasted your money. In addition, we offer completely tailored and contemporary recommendations. We pride ourselves on being up-to-date at all times. If a new restaurant or hotel opens, we’re the first to try it and tell you about it too

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