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All of our “Executive” and “Select” tour guides are seasoned professionals with English (or another language) at a mother tongue level who are licensed by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism. Most of these guides have master’s degrees in relevant subjects and all have dozens, if not hundreds, of glowing recommendations. We take all security precautions to make your trip safe, enjoyable and the experience of a lifetime. Our vehicles are of the highest quality, and are always kept up to the highest standards of maintenance and cleanliness. The minimum rate for a tour guide in Israel with a vehicle is set by the Ministry of Tourism. This minimum wage is based on a nine hour work day and up to 200 kilometres of touring per day. Our “Executive” and “Select” guides are not your average guides and do not work for the minimum wage. Touring Israel provides you with the best available guides that suit your tailor made tour. They go the extra mile for you and your family and you don’t need to calculate “extra hours” or “over mileage” after a long tour (there are extra charges for tours to and from Eilat). You will know exactly how much you will be charged even before you land in Israel. Yes these guides cost more than the minimum wage guides, but our guides are extraordinary, not average. They will make your trip not just a typical vacation, but the experience of a lifetime.

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