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You haven’t come half way around the world to sit on a bus with fifty other people, eat cafeteria food and see the typical tourist sites have you? No, you want first class service, from the moment you step off the plane to the moment you get back on it, and that’s where Touring Israel comes in. Our experts will design, with your input, a custom tailored daily itinerary that specifically addresses your own schedule and expectations. Our only rule is that if it makes logistical sense, we’ll do our best to make it happen. Designing the itinerary is an interactive process that requires as much – or as little – input from you as you desire. Once the itinerary has been created, we will begin the process of making all the necessary arrangements. But beyond your itinerary, we will also take care of all the added extras including:
– VIP assistance and transfers on arrival and departure
– Recommendations and reservations for Israel’s top restaurants
– Recommendations and reservations for theater, music, sporting and other cultural events
– all internal transportation including taxis and internal flights
– Reservations for Spa treatments

Custom Tours - Beach Promenade- Tel Aviv-Israel-cr-Dana Friedlander
Tel Aviv Beach Promenade

Once you arrive, your personal tour guide will pick you up promptly from your hotel each and every day at the time you designate and will return you there after a full day of up to 10 – 11 hours of touring. Spontaneous, dinner reservations, private gallery tours or any other special events can be arranged by your tour guide just by asking. He or she will simply place a call to the main office and your wish will be taken care of immediately. Our special custom tours include hot air balloon rides over the Jezreel Valley, helicopter trips across country, jeep tours with professors of geology in the Ramon Crater, scuba diving tours amongst the ancient ruins in the harbor of Caesaria, yacht cruises along the Mediterranean shoreline, camel treks finishing with a five star feast under the desert stars while listing to a jazz trio by torch light, lectures by politicians and authors, hummer rides through the sand dunes of the coastal plain and of course as always our five star service.

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