Adventure Tours

With our expertise and your interests, we will tailor make your personal adventure tours in Israel. Bike, hike, sail, trek, surf, rappel, climb, paraglide, swim, raft, dive or whatever it is you want to do.
The possibilities are almost limitless.

These are just a few options that await the adventurer in you. (Please note these are some examples of activities to incorporate into our itineraries and not activities that we offer by themselves)

Powered Paragliding

See some of Israel’s most iconic landmarks from a completely new angle – from directly above! Unlike a helicopter ride where you are crammed into a small cockpit, fighting with your friends and family for the window seat, Powered paragliding allows you to take to the air and soar majestically with the sky as your canopy, the ground beneath your feet and a full 360 degree view around you. Its absolutely breathtaking and suitable for all ages from 6 to 96.

Mountain Biking in the Negev

Want a little more action? Hit the mountain biking trails, again with our support team in tow. Bike down the great Gilboa Mountain Range, the same place where King Saul made his last stand against the Philistines. Or climb Mt. Tabor and bike the trails along its summit with a spectacular view of the Jezreel Valley below. It is not just a biking adventure but a journey through the pages of the Bible.

Visit Israel in a way you never seen before: Off the beaten track. Many options are available to you. Hike in the footsteps of the Israel Defense Forces, Crusading nights, Saladin’s warriors or the conquering Israelite soldiers.

Jeep Tour in Ramon Crater

Take a three day off road excursion through the wilderness of the Negev Desert. Wander the land where the Patriarchs roamed only we will by using a brand new LandCruiser or Landrover. Our guide will take you on spectacular hikes with breathtaking views from dusk to dawn. You will be accompanied by a support team who will prepare your meals and tell you local legends by the campfire under the desert night sky.

Camel Trek

Camel ride at sunset to the middle of nowhere…and appreciate the beauty of the Negev Desert where Abraham, patriarchs and prophets once roamed.

Bedouin Camping

Sleep at a Bedouin camp under the stars, at a lamb roast with lute playing musicians before catching a few zzz’s and waking before dawn to hike to the top of King Herod’s famed mountaintop fortress overlooking the Dead Sea and Mountains of Moab to experience the Dawn at Masada.

Dawn at Masada

After the spectacular sunrise explore King Herod’s massive fortress and hike into ancient water cistern’s, to Roman Camps, rebel strongholds, ancient bathhouses and palaces all as the famous story of Masada unfolds.

Hiking Break – Jezreel Valley

Explore the Jezreel Valley, also known as the Valley of Armageddon, by foot, by glider or by hot air balloon. Perhaps you’d like to do all three?

Touring Israel – Joe in the Jezriel Valley from Touring Israel

Hiking through the trenches of ’48

Off Road in the Galilee

Winter and spring in the Galilee brings this mountainous region to life. Multi colored fields of wildflowers, hopping gazelles, curious foxes and flowing streams and waterfalls turn this region of Israel into a hikers or off road enthusiast paradise.

Nice waves

What better way to learn how to surf than in the Mediteranean Sea on the beaches of one of the hippest cities on the planet? Tel Aviv awaits. Explore this incredible city by day and by night. You are in for an adventure.

Rappelling at the Ramon Crater

Check out Israel’s very own “Grand canyon” by foot, jeep or just scale down the side on a rope!

Red-Med Dive Safari

Stunning marine life, unique sunken ancient ruins, ship wrecks…. From the well preserved natural beauty of the Red Sea, to the Mediterranean – the ancient world’s super highway, there is something for all diving tastes in Israel. Israel is blessed by having access to two very different seas – the Red Sea in the South and the Mediterranean to the West. The Red Sea offers diving in one of the world’s best coral reef environments visited by more than 1200 species of fish, dolphins, reef sharks, sea turtles and other marine species. In addition to its stunning marine life, the Mediterranean also offers treasures such as the Underwater Museum of Caesaria where you can dive amongst the ruins of Herod’s ancient harbor.


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