Israel is one of the most multicultural societies on earth and one of the best ways to experience this diversity is through food. In the past decade or so Israel has become one of the world’s hottest culinary destinations. From its celebrity chefs whose restaurants are now opening in London and New York after wowing the world in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (and all over the country), through its award winning wineries and to its incredible fresh food markets, Touring Israel offers a multitude of culinary experiences for everyone.


Cooking Workshops

Cooking workshops kill three birds with one stone. You get to learn how to cook exotic new dishes from some fantastic chefs WHILST learning about one of Israel’s many ethnic communities AND THEN enjoy an incredible feast that tastes even better than it should because you helped cook it yourself!

Market Tours

Every city in Israel has a farmer’s market, but some of them are truly special. In Jerusalem you have the Mahane Yehuda Market in the new city and the Arab market in the old city. In Tel Aviv you have the Carmel Market and the Lewinsky Market. Each market has its own personality, and our guides will take you deep inside to taste and experience a side of Israel that usually only locals know about.



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