What is Your Favorite Place to Take Tourists in Israel?

By Deena Levenstein

Our guides take visitors all over the country, giving passionate, in depth descriptions every time. But, they must have a favorite place, that place about which they are most passionate, right?

So I asked them, and here is what seven of Touring Israel’s tour guides had to say.

The Golan Heights for the Vitality – Joe Yudin

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The Golan


I love the feel of the frontier. When you hike up or off-road to the top of a volcano, dead for 50,000 years, and then look out into Lebanon and Syria knowing that India and Japan are the next closest democracies. I love looking around and seeing the wide open spaces, the Jewish kibbutznik cowboys and their herds, the ancient Jewish synagogues that dot the landscapes, the wildlife, the wildflowers, the snow, mud and waterfalls… All of it.

The region is quiet and so alive. It is simple and geo-politically important. It’s hard to describe the feeling but basically, in the Golan, I feel alive.

Tel Aviv for the Old and New and the Galilee in the Spring – Jonathan K.

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It’s hard to choose but I’d say Tel Aviv. The first modern Hebrew speaking city has so much to offer.

Tel Aviv is very much a combination of the old and new: Jaffa and its thousands of years of recorded history and Tel Aviv, the new city – established in 1909 and now inhabited by 400,000 people!

Without a doubt, Tel Aviv is a Zionist success story.

…And of course the Galilee in the spring.

Up and Down, In and Out – Ari R.

I love the Negev for its peace,
The Golan which has a particular magnetism on me,
The views over the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) with its African magic,
The upper of the Upper Galilee for the European (and clean) woods,
Carmel my home for hanging out and biking,
And Tel Aviv for the restaurants and bars.

The Galilee for the Wineries – Ari M.

My favorite place to take people is the Upper Galilee because of the wineries but I enjoy taking people everywhere in the country.

The Biblical Deserts and Tel Aviv for the 21C Lifestyle – Naftali S.

A to Z, that’s me. From the biblical deserts to hi-tech and the 21C lifestyle in Tel Aviv – the markets, food, beer, wine, spa, street art… everything Tel Aviv has to offer.

Jerusalem for the Walk in Jesus’ Footsteps – Daniel S.

Jerusalem – the passion way of Jesus Christ, the Mount of Olives, and beyond to Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, Samaria.

Truthfully, I’d have to say all of Israel – I am in love with this country. Why? Because it connects me spiritually with my Lord. To walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ is the most exciting thing for me and, I think, for all Christians.

Acre (Akko) for the Historic Story – Maayan E.

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I love guiding in Akko. I think it’s one of the more interesting sites for the historic story and the excavation and preservation of the site. It changes all the time, always making it even more interesting. The only con is the bathrooms that cost 3NIS per person.


Jerusalem for the Nature and the Culture – Deena Levenstein

OK fine, I’m not a tour guide but I am the new blogger and so I’d like to introduce myself. I am a Canadian-Israeli living in Jerusalem, for the most part since 1990. I’m a sucker for a good view which makes my home, Jerusalem, a favorite with me. I love that there is beautiful green and rocky nature inside and in very close proximity outside of Jerusalem. And I truly enjoy the city’s vibrant people who give visitors and locals a plethora of cultural options in the city.

Besides doing the blogging and social media for Touring Israel, I also run cultural events in Jerusalem and run a page about things going on in the city. You can see that here.

You’re welcome to email me any questions.

What About You?

What is your favorite place to visit in Israel and why?


Deena Levenstein

Deena Levenstein is a writer and social-cultural entrepreneur in Jerusalem. She creates and hosts events and runs "Things to do in Jerusalem," a Facebook group of handpicked cultural events in the city. In her spare time she blogs at

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