Summer and Spring – What You Need to Bring

By Deena Levenstein

In one of our last posts I explained some things you should know about Israel in the summer and spring that will help you be prepared for your trip to Israel. Now I want to tell you what you need to bring.

For your feet

Touring Israel - ramon crater by amira_a on flickr creative commons
What do you need on your feet in order to walk comfortably on this terrain? (Ramon Crater – photo by amira_a)

While deciding what shoes to bring, keep in mind that Israel is old with many uneven roads and sidewalks. It is also a place rich in natural beauty you you want to be wearing shoes that will allow you to focus on the beauty and not your feet.

Only bring shoes that are broken in and you’ll be a happy tourist! Depending on the tours you have planned, your footwear should include:

  1. At least one pair of closed walking/hiking shoes
  2. One pair of sandals
  3. Water shoes
  4. Flip flops
  5. One pair of dress shoes (optional)

For your head

Find the theme:

  1. Sun hat
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Sunscreen

Beyond clothing

Touring Israel
Downtown Jerusalem in June (photo by Deena Levenstein)

Yes, don’t forget your undies, socks, pajamas, clothes, etc. And definitely bring one light jacket or sweater, mainly for cold air-conditioned spaces. Beyond that, here are items worth considering bringing:

  1. Bag to use when touring (preferably a backpack)
  2. Bag/purse for the evenings
  3. Kippa (yarmulke)
  4. Prayer shawl (tallit)
  5. Shawl to put on over your shoulders or around your torso when entering holy places
  6. Bathing gear
  7. Non disposable water bottle
  8. Camera
  9. Batteries
  10. Technology you can’t live without (cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
  11. Electric adaptors
  12. Travel documents (passport, etc.)
  13. Medical travel insurance
  14. Medicine and prescriptions
  15. Credit card and cash
  16. Something to read
  17. And of course don’t forget a newspaper for your Dead Sea photo op!

Some final tips

Keep in mind that almost anything you forget back home (toiletries, electronics, clothing…) you can purchase here in Israel.

Consider packing light-colored and looser fitting clothes which will help you feel more comfortable when it’s hot.

Keep a couple of regular plastic bags with you – they come in handy for anything from wet clothes to garbage.

Feel free to be in touch with us with your questions.

Israel’s waiting for you!


Deena Levenstein

Deena Levenstein is a writer and social-cultural entrepreneur in Jerusalem. She creates and hosts events and runs "Things to do in Jerusalem," a Facebook group of handpicked cultural events in the city. In her spare time she blogs at

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