Exploring the Heart of the Homeland: Touring Israel

Israel, a country steeped in history and culture, continues to be a beacon for those who cherish its deep historical roots and vibrant society. Amidst the war in Gaza, including the tragic events of October 7th, the spirit of Israel and its people remains unbroken, drawing supporters and travelers from around the world. Touring Israel, a leading entity in cultural and travel experiences, offers a unique blend of engagement by connecting the diaspora and Israel Friends and supporters abroad  through innovative, heartfelt events and culinary delights that showcase the nation’s rich heritage and resilience.

Unique Solidarity Events by Touring Israel

Even though most of Israel is safe for travel, and indeed many Solidarity Tours are happening everyday,  to those not willing to visit Israel currently, Touring Israel has crafted unique private solidarity events. These gatherings serve as a platform for emotional support and cultural celebration, taking place in numerous localities around the globe. At the heart of these events is Israeli cuisine, prepared by none other than Chef Tali Friedman, a luminary in Israeli culinary arts. Her dishes are not merely meals; they are narratives told through flavors and spices, stories of regions, traditions, and the unyielding Israeli spirit.

The mission of Touring Israel with these events is to bridge the physical distances imposed by current global circumstances with experiences that reinforce bonds and foster understanding. This approach not only honors the sacrifices made by the Israeli people but also strengthens the connections within the global Jewish community and its friends worldwide. Hosting your own event in your hometown brings a taste of Israel to you, creating a bridge over the disconnect felt around the world due to the ongoing war in Israel.

Resuming Travel to Israel: Safety and Opportunities

While traveling to Israel might seem stressful or difficult,  it is quite the opposite. The Israeli tourism industry is back up and running, and we can’t wait to see you here. Understanding the concerns of travelers, Touring Israel has implemented stringent safety measures to protect visitors and residents alike. With the gradual resumption of travel, we invite the world to reconnect with Israel, to see its historic landscapes, bustling markets, and tranquil beaches. This reopening is a call to stand in solidarity with Israel, to experience its warmth and to witness firsthand the unbreakable spirit of its people.

Visiting Israel provides an incredible opportunity to explore a land rich in history and culture. From ancient sites to modern attractions, Israel offers something for everyone. The people of Israel need our support to keep working and thriving, and your visit can make a significant impact. Touring Israel ensures a safe and memorable journey, with every security measure in place to make your trip enjoyable.

Solidarity Tours of the Gaza Envelope: A Journey Through History and Resilience

Explore the profound narrative of resilience and historical depth with our Solidarity Tours of the Gaza Envelope. As we journey through this region, each stop tells a story of survival, and solidarity, reflecting the complex history of the area. Additionally, we will guide you to opportunities where you can directly donate or volunteer, providing tangible support to those most affected in the region. 

Geopolitical Tour with Colonel (res.) Grisha Yakubovich

Embark on a deeply informative tour with Colonel (res.) Grisha Yakubovich, delving into the complexities of the Gaza Strip’s political landscape. This tour uncovers the complex relationships shaping the region, illustrated through visits to strategic points and discussions on security challenges. Colonel Yakubovich’s personal stories from his 30-year service provide a backdrop, enhancing the emotional depth of understanding the realities faced in the region.

Supernova Music Festival Site

Stop at the haunting site of the Supernova Music Festival, where joy turned to horrific tragedy on October 7th, 2023. Here, you’ll reflect on the loss of 364 lives, where gunmen raided the open-air party by air and by pick-up trucks turning the site into a bloodbath for hours. Dozens of people were abducted into Gaza and still remain in captivity to this day while their fate is unknown. Here we acknowledge the pain while honoring the spirit of unity that the festival once celebrated, now overshadowed by the scars of violence.

Visit to Kibbutz Be’eri

At Kibbutz Be’eri, walk through a community that embodies the strength and resilience of Israel. Founded during the mandate period and thriving against odds, the kibbutz faced its darkest day in 2023 when it was viciously attacked. As of April 2024, among the 133 Israeli hostages held in Gaza by Hamas, 17 of them hail from Kibbutz Be’eri. Hearing from survivors and seeing the places they defend will provide a profound connection to the enduring spirit of the kibbutz residents, whose stories of loss and courage resonate deeply with all who visit.

Sderot Overlook

From the Sderot Overlook, witness the resilience of a city that has become a symbol of survival amid ongoing conflict. Learn about the transformative impact of the Iron Dome, which brought relief to a region once marked by daily sirens. The recent horrific events of October 7th, are a somber reminder of the challenges that persist, making this visit not only informative but also a reflective experience. 

Grilling for IDF Soldiers

Conclude the day by supporting a Grilling for Israel event, where you can contribute to a barbecue for IDF soldiers. Established in 2020, Grilling for Israel has become a symbol of our collective gratitude, tirelessly providing over 107,000 meals to soldiers and displaced families. This gesture of appreciation is a powerful way to connect with those who serve, providing not just a meal but a morale boost. Participating in this event underscores the deep gratitude and solidarity with those who protect the nation, reinforcing the bonds of community and support.

Your Next Steps to Engage with Israel

As Israel continues to navigate these challenging times both in the country & abroad, the connection and support from global friends are more vital than ever. Hosting a solidarity event in your community or planning a visit to the homeland are powerful ways to show your support. Touring Israel is ready to assist with both, ensuring that each engagement is meaningful and impactful. Whether through the joy of a shared meal or the profound insights from a speaker’s presentation, each interaction is a step towards understanding and solidarity.

Israel has missed you, and now, more than ever, it welcomes your spirit and support. Let us continue to stand together. Your involvement, whether through local events or travel, is a testament to the enduring bond that connects us all to this remarkable land. Together, we can celebrate Israel’s heritage, honor its resilience, and contribute to a future filled with hope and unity.


Emanuelle Kadosh

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