Beautiful photos of pre-Sukkot in Me’ah She’arim Jerusalem

By Deena Levenstein

sukkot preparations in meah shearim by yitzy woolf 5
Sukkah decorations for sale in Me’ah She’arim in Jerusalem

Last year my friend Yitz Woolf shared the most stunning photos he took of the pre-Sukkot four species fair in Me’ah She’arim, the ultra Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem. Sometimes the lives of the ultra Orthodox seem so foreign to us – for example, some might take issue with the fact that the fair is open to men only – but at the same time, there is so much beauty to behold. Take a look…

4sukkot preparations in meah shearim by yitzy woolf 3
An older man checking a myrtle branch for blemishes
Checking the tipcs of the lulav (palm frond)
Checking the tips of the lulav (a palm frond)
sukkot preparations in meah shearim by yitzy woolf 2
It might be too late on the eve of the holiday but if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of some last minute sukkah building.
sukkot preparations in meah shearim by yitzy woolf 3
Sukkah decorations are sold all over Me’ah She’arim leading up to the holiday.

Want to see it for yourself?

Truthfully it isn’t only the four species fair that is worth seeing – just walking around the Me’ah She’arim neighborhood on the eve of a holiday is quite exciting! It is bustling with thousands of men, women and children preparing for the holiday. Just be sure to dress appropriately for the neighborhood – cover your shoulders and knees and women should wear skirts.

Sukkot begins Sunday evening, September 27, 2015 so go before then.

All photos in this post are by Yitz WoolfSee more of Yitz’s pre-Sukkot photos.

Chag sameach!
Chag sameach!


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