Guest Post: 10 Reasons To Visit Jericho

By Jason Frederic Gilbert

10 reasons you should stop everything you’re doing and head on down to Jericho (unless you’re a heart surgeon in the middle of surgery, in which case, please go ahead and finish up, doc – we’ll wait for you):

1. The shuk. Falafel and a soft drink for 6 NIS. That’s a buck fifty. The shuk in Jericho is relatively small compared to the open air markets in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv but you won’t believe the prices.

Touring Israel - May 2 2015 Jericho 518

And the shwarma, I hear, is excellent. But I’m a vegetarian (don’t judge) so I couldn’t tell you.

Touring Israel - May 2 2015 Jericho 513

2. Hisham’s Palace. The ruins of a once spectacular pleasure palace of a 7th century caliph is still largely intact. Don’t miss the original mosaic floors. Or the complimentary movie in the adjacent museum, if for no other reason than to enjoy a few moments of conditioned air.

Touring Israel - May 2 2015 Jericho 476

3. Mountain of Temptation – Quruntal Mountain. This beautiful monastery and cave complex is perched high up on a mountain. Once inside you’ll have a chance to see one of the most amazing views of Jericho – and the mountain. This is where Jesus was supposedly tempted by the devil. I too was tempted. By more falafel. And could not resist.

Touring Israel - May 2 2015 Jericho 345

4. The lowest cable car below sea level in the world. You can walk up to Quruntal mountain – and probably should to burn off the calories from the seven errr two falafels you had – but I would take the beautiful and inexpensive cable car. You’ll have the most spectacular view of Ancient Jericho and the modern city.

Touring Israel - May 2 2015 Jericho 200

5. Camels. Yes. Who doesn’t like camels? Take a picture with a camel. Preferably one wearing a cowboy hat.

Touring Israel - May 2 2015 Jericho 154

6. Ancient Jericho. This is the Jericho from the Bible. See it. Touch the wall. The wall. You know, the one the Israelites knocked down. Even if you’re not a bible banger you’ll appreciate a story that involves espionage, prostitution and military strategy.

Touring Israel - May 2 2015 Jericho 417
7. Figs and Bananas. Did I mention how much I love eating? Well, if you love figs and bananas then you’ll love this place.

Touring Israel - May 2 2015 Jericho 535

8. Local hospitality. The people I met in Jericho – both at the historical sites and at the shuk were remarkably hospitable and friendly.

Touring Israel - May 2 2015 Jericho 527

9. Herod’s Palace. More archaeological ruins from my main man King Herod. Walk around and see the relics of his winter palace.

Touring Israel - May 2 2015 Jericho 102

You may get to see a stray goat. Please give him my regards.

Touring Israel - May 2 2015 Jericho 112

10. The Monastery of Gerasimus is a beautiful Greek Orthodox monastery. Walk around and appreciate the amazing relics and paintings. Don’t make a pass at the old nuns. They don’t appreciate it.

Touring Israel - May 2 2015 Jericho 620

11. Wait, I’m done. I said 10.

Jericho has always been on my bucket list of cities that I have to see. It’s considered one of the most ancient cities in the world and is the lowest city below sea level.

Head on down there and you’ll fall in love with this desert oasis.

The author is a filmmaker, photographer and world class parallel parker. Follow him on twitter @privategilberto or read his blog or slap him in the face in person.


Deena Levenstein

Deena Levenstein is a writer and social-cultural entrepreneur in Jerusalem. She creates and hosts events and runs "Things to do in Jerusalem," a Facebook group of handpicked cultural events in the city. In her spare time she blogs at

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